You’ve gotta hear my take on surviving early retirement.

On May 24th I sat down for a chat with 2 Frugal Dude$ on getting to and surviving early retirement, and you really should listen to it.

2 Frugal Dude$ is a collaboration between business owner Kevin Griffin and nine-to-fiver Sean Merron, both of whom are bent on becoming…what, FIREmen? They asked some tough questions, but also stumped me with a “Beatles or Elvis?”-type game that made me want to lay down on the floor and cry out for beer.

And while getting to and surviving FI/ER was the theme of our conversation, we also got into my best advice to new FI/ER seekers: understand that it’s not just a numbers game.

So…yeah, man: grab your headphones and hear us out, then subscribe to the 2 Frugal Dude$ podcast.



Author: ER Dude

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