Trim gives you free money with no catches. Seriously.

As of this writing, in the last two weeks I’ve gotten $19 in free money from, with no catches or hassles… meaning I’m on track to get $500 in the next year. You need to jump on the train.

Proof: this screenshot from my Trim account.

Trim’s essentially an instant coupon service. Right now I’m getting split-second rebates for three kinds of spending: groceries, restaurants, and movie theaters. Anytime I meet the minimum spend in one of these categories, I get a refund on my credit card.

I’m participating in three promotions: $1 for each time I spend $5+ at a grocery store or restaurant, and $10 the first time I spend $20+ at a movie theater.

It’s free money for things you do anyway…how can you say no? Sign up for Trim here.

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