The importance of an emergency…er, “stupidity” fund.

Say what?

OK: not too long ago I spent $3200 on a doorknob.

I wear hearing aids because I destroyed my high-frequency nerve hairs or whatever they are back when I was younger. Concerts, working as a disc jockey, using power tools without hearing protection, loud music on the stereo.

We moved into a new house. The master bedroom door sometimes wouldn’t fully latch because the latch bar rode a little high against the strike plate. I was aware of it but it was one of innumerable little jobs on the “get to this eventually” list.

One day when the door wasn’t fully latched our dog pushed it open and got up onto the bed and ate my hearing aids off my nightstand. Chewed them up all to hell and gone. Destroyed them. This is apparently a common happening amongst hearing aid owners, which I didn’t know.

$3200. Failing to spend three minutes with a screwdriver fixing a doorknob cost me $3200. And get this, the dog only cost $400.

Author: ER Dude

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  1. I feel your pain.

    Granted, I do not believe the total cost in damages was as high as yours, but when my dog was a pup, she chewed up 2 pairs of prescription eyeglasses. This could have been avoided if I simply kept them on a shelf as opposed to the nightstand, but lesson learned.

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