“The Gift of Time”–A Rant

Read this and weep:  “Companies Have Found Something to Give Their Workers Instead of Raises.”

The gist is the above article is taken from a Christmas letter written from the CEO of Korn Ferry to his employees—and my incredulous reaction.

“This year, we would like to take a small step to improve that situation and demonstrate our appreciation for your dedication and commitment with the gift of time.”

Lord, did that set me off.

The gift of time? THE GIFT OF TIME? It’s MY TIME, numbnuts, which I’m offering to you as part of a business transaction. You may want to buy it from me and I may want to sell it to you…assuming, of course, you’re paying for it at all.

Which I guess in this generation of six-digit student loans and multi-year unpaid internships is no longer a given.

In short: companies say they are catering to the growing workforce of millennials who seem to prize short-term flexibility over long-term financial security, and the change allows bosses to reward star employees without permanently increasing costs.

Well…rise up and strike off your chains, my brethren and sistren. You’re too smart to fall for bullshit such as this:

“Yeah, fuck it when I can’t work any more and have to fall back on Social Security. At least I had that extra paid day off before Labor Day weekend fifty years ago.”

Oh, man…I need a drink. Come on. This article makes it sound like an entire generation has given up already. If the gift card is all you can get, grab onto it with both hands before it goes away too.

I’ll just be over here guzzling PBRs and bursting an aorta.

Author: ER Dude

Sick of your job? After a thirteen-year career, Early Retirement Dude fled corporate America for good. You can do it too! Visit http://EarlyRetirementDude.com or email EarlyRetirementDude@gmail.com.

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