The secret of aging well.

If you’ve been in sub-optimum shape for most of your life and then start training hard & smart, your gains will make you feel like Superman even though they’re not what they would’ve been twenty years ago. That’s because you’re building yourself up instead of allowing time to break you down. Getting stronger instead of weaker. Taking control instead of giving it up.

This is true even if you’ve been in decent shape for most of your life. Training harder & smarter = better and longer-lasting results.

No need to elaborate. Not every post needs to be 750+ words.

Author: ER Dude

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  1. OK I get that not every post needs to be 750 words, but I feel that there is an unspoken backstory to this post.

    Either that or this is a massive subtweet of someone…

    1. Unspoken backstory but extremely short: it’s in response to comments from guys who are sub-20 and don’t take particularly good care of themselves. Stuff like, “When I’m your age I hope I’m as active as you are” and “Wow…you keep winning…they’re right, this sport is all technique.”

      Came to a head at BJJ the other night when I rolled with a 23 year-old who smokes. Caught him in guard and waited on him to gas himself and then cross-choked him. He was incredulous that a middle-aged guy had beaten him. I’m no great shakes at BJJ, either…zero-stripe white belt who just started in mid-October.

      1. Cheeky whippersnappers!

        I totally get that. The first time I flexed my arm in my 40s and saw proper biceps for the first time since my 20s was a great day. And they were bigger than some of those young guy…now just need to get back into it and get the rest of my body to match….

  2. I agree not every post needs to be over 750 words. With many of us doing the new years resolution exercise your “training harder & smarter” comment hits home.

    I did the training harder part but kind of forgot the smarter part. I did too much, too fast. a combination of pull-ups and heavy weights have given me a few aches and pains.
    The saying goes ” no pain no gain” right?

      1. Like major, can’t grip full strength or lift anything heavy with right arm. I am on the road to recovery. It would have been smarter to keep the weight down and lower the number of pull-ups to avoid injuries in the first place. Foolishly I had set my goal at doing 50 pull-ups….and thought I would be able to reach that goal by the end of the month. I have the stamina and muscle strength to do it however my joints/tendons not so much.

        I added some yoga into the mix to help stretch out and heal my body. I don’t think I will get to 50 pull-up by the end of the month. (Insert comment about setting reasonable goals and expectations.)

        My mind writes cheques that my body can no longer cash! I think that is a sign of aging. I was suppose to get wiser with age so I would stop doing this….. but that has not been the case it takes my body to give me a harsh reminder that I can’t recover overnight like I used too.

  3. I am a 64 year guy who is going to a cross fit type box. Oldest guy there. Getting fist bumps from the young folks is fun. Most are less than half my age. I do have to scale the workouts….the trainers help with that. The weird part is that it takes me longer to get that good sore feeling and another day for it to subside…. guess that is age related. Gotta fight the age related muscle loss….got too much stuff I wanna do!!

  4. I stay in shape by tossing a football around with my friend Mark. Even if we’re wearing tuxedos…doesn’t matter…we still play. We’re dedicated.

    1. That reminds me of a time we got carried away at a wedding luckily it was after during the reception. The Tuxedos rental place was not happy with the wedding party returning the tuxes with grass stains and one guy had ripped open his pants. Football tuxedos and drinking do not mix well.

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