My kid’s math teacher: Do what you love…

Absolutely love this guy and what he’s willing to do for our kids. And if you think about it, standing in dirty water to set up a safe bridge for students is a damned fine metaphor for the teaching profession in general.

Author: ER Dude

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  1. Thanks for sharing . . .

    Great teachers . . . that’s what they do. I’m a professor in an Education department . . . training tomorrow’s teachers. And increasingly, I look for empathy in my students. Do they have the ability to serve and connect.

    The world’s a tough place and the ‘public good’ in the world is fading fast. No matter today’s viral videos and ‘feel good’ marketing, it’s a rarity to see people trying to understand others’ needs. (Sorry for the soapbox)

    Again, thanks for this . . .

    1. >(Sorry for the soapbox)

      Hey, my friend…as far as I’m concerned, you can set that particular soapbox up and stand on it and yell as loudly as you want…

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