Maybe corporate life’s not so bad when compared to, say, solitary confinement in a federal supermax.

A couple of weeks ago I did some rambling on the Unabomber’s manifesto and its eerily sensible commentary on the unnatural and toxic lifestyle demanded by corporate America.

During my research I ran across a quote from a letter Kaczynski wrote to one of his many penpals, to the effect that it wasn’t so bad being locked down in twenty-three hour solitary. He was a loner anyway, and had spent years and years living in a cabin about the size of his cell, sometimes without emerging for weeks…but most importantly, he said that while his body might be confined, his mind was still free. A cliche, of course, yet powerful nonetheless.

So for a second time I found his words eerie because–assuming he was speaking the truth–I envy him.

And how’s THAT for nuts? I’ve never been behind bars…never even had handcuffs on, unless you count the ones that…well, why veer into that, eh? But the point is that although I’ve had my physical freedom all my life, for many many many years I felt like my mind was imprisoned.

That sound familiar? This blog’s here to help you escape that feeling of imprisonment if that’s what you’re suffering from.  I’m not posting articles here; I hand out files and bolt-cutters and such.

It was nicely topical, then, to hear the other day from a gentleman named Bill Davis, who said he’d read my Unabomber article and he’d put together an infographic on Florence ADX, and would I mind publishing it? I looked it over and liked it very much and agreed…so without further adieu, here it is. Give it a look, and if you’re feeling trapped in a very small space, please reflect.

Bill, by the way, has published a much more in-depth article on ADX Florence, and you really should give it a read…if for no other reason than to continue educating yourself about the US justice system.


Author: ER Dude

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  1. In high school, our dorm was about 100m away from one of the country’s strictest prisons. Once we were even visiting the facility. What ground my gears was that their rooms and classrooms were better equipped than our dorm rooms and classrooms… at least we did not have bars on the windows and was not monitored all day 😀

    I can agree with your thoughts about imprisoned mind phenomenon.
    Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.

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