Formulas for FIRE: My Latest Podcast Appearance on Paychecks & Balances

Quick one: Rich and Marcus, hosts of the Paychecks & Balances podcast, just interviewed me in Episode 82: Financial Independence ft. Early Retirement Dude. Lot of laughs while discussing several vital subjects, including the following:1

  • Clearly define your purpose: why do I want to retire early, and if I succeed at my plan, what will I do in retirement to overcome the inevitable boredom?
  • Decide whether you really want to retire, or do you just need a different career field that actually motivates you?
  • How many of your current costs are fixed versus would be avoided or lowered if you worked from home?
  • Are your financial goals and lifestyle more aligned withLean FIRE or FatFIRE retirement saving goals?

Entertaining and informative show; well worth hearing. You can listen to it here, and I hope you’ll subscribe to Paychecks & Balances through iTunes.

Thanks, Rich & Marcus! Good times, and I hope to meet you in person next FinCon.


  1. Text borrowed from the Paychecks & Balances website.

Author: ER Dude

Sick of your job? After a thirteen-year career, Early Retirement Dude fled corporate America for good. You can do it too! Visit or email

3 thoughts

  1. Just listened to the podcast – great job! I really like your perspective on things and your different POV as compared to some in the community. Kept picturing you as Jeff Bridges drinking a White Russian

    Also didn’t know about that podcast so now I’m subscribed. They seem pretty good.

  2. Just listened to the recording. Good stuff. Your voice is strangely reminiscent to Nicolas Cage to me, but that could just be my Canadian “accent ignorance” speaking. 🙂

    I haven’t heard that many financial podcasts like this that use personal anecdotes and stories about their neighbours, etc. Quite entertaining.

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