Chapter Ten: The Slip

My idea was this. I’d suddenly remembered the sausages hanging from the ceiling; the ones Goober had sliced in half. The octopus tentacle swung the axe at me and I ducked to the left and into the kitchen. I shoveled up a half-dozen half-sausages and circled around into the to the dining room and into the front hallway again. I’d momentarily given Goober and the tentacle the slip. Geometry confuses everybody, especially axe murderers and homicidal tentacles.

“Hey, everybody!” I yelled to all my party guests, who were still stuck in the doorway mewling piteously. “Shut up and hold still!”

I took the first sausage and wove it into the fingers of my left hand—the ones the rat trap hidden in the sushi bar cash register had crushed—and aimed the sliced end of the sausage at the first party guest and started…

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