Chapter Nine: A Coagulated Mass of Party Guests

…you should also have an octopus tentacle ready.

I didn’t really need proof of that, though. As I ran by the aquarium I plunged my hand into it and scooped out the tentacle and tried to fling it directly into Goober’s face, but much to my horror the tentacle landed on his shoulder and oozed down and schlorped the axe out of Goober’s hands and turned and snarled at me and gave chase.

Well. So now I was scrambling around my own house evading an axe murderer named Goober (who for the moment was weaponless, fortunately) and a mysterious amputated homicidal octopus tentacle brandishing an axe. A very nice axe, I noticed; high-dollar. Where had Goober gotten it?

No time to ask him. I ran to the front hallway where the guests were still, like, coagulated into a mass at the door.

Nope. No escaping that way.

But then an idea hit me.


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