AI and RetirementF.I.R.E Financial Independence, Retire Early

From Jazz to Finance: How I Used AI to Automate My Life and Retire Early

From Jazz to Finance I grew up as a jazz musician and attended school for music. When I graduated from college, guitar in hand, I realized that the main thing I learned from school was that I did not want to work as jobbing musician. The thought of backing up other musicians had no appeal…

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F.I.R.E Financial Independence, Retire Early

Ignite Your Future: The Path to FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

For a multitude of people, the idea of attaining financial autonomy and early retirement (FIRE) appears to be a captivating aspiration that feels nearly out of reach. Yet, an ever-growing cohort of individuals are adopting this movement, shattering conventional retirement frameworks, and forging their own trajectory towards a life brimming with liberty and contentment. In…

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