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  1. Free time means sleep, it means calm, it means catching up on b3 all those things on your list. It means more time to create what you want to create. It means good home cooked meals and laughter in the sunshine. Basically, this is early retirement — freedom from having to work for money. If you love your job, by all means keep it! But work each day with the confidence that you have a shitload of F-you money . Growing up in America, we’ve been conditioned to think that retirement is something you can only achieve at age 65, when your social security checks kick in. That means you have to work another four decades at least. That’s 83,200 days filled with tasks that are defined by other people. By then, your health will probably decline from 40 years of stressful 40 hour workweeks. Why not retire at an age when your health is still intact and you can actually enjoy every day to the fullest — maybe age 35?

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